MILLIE D.o.b. 23.12.2007

Millie 1,5 years old

Millie might be a small dog, but never the less, a BIG personality :-) She holds her own, and she is a great friend for the Ridgies that really spoil her - letting her get away with anything....

She is one of the most inteligent dogs we have come across, and she loves various activities as tracking; agility, clicker-training, and swimming.
She loves children - and attracts their attention being so small and cute.
She will lie on her back for ages just to get her tummy scratched.

Millie has achieved her Tracking-champion-title NVch

She has had 3 litters, her third and final litter was born in May (2014).
Eye-tested 2014 and 2009

Madahiro's "Groll litter " 2014
Madahiro's "Isac litter" 2012

Having a rest on a mountain trip
Millie showing
N UCH Eiarö Herman Hedning S50381/2004   F:IViltfarget Øyelyst fri 25.10.07
INTUCH ICH VV-00Zack Della Val Vezzeno 
LOI99/103639   F:I

Nero Della Val Vezzeno LOIBS025174   
Erbavoglio LOIBS010269   
INT NORDU(GV)NORDJ(G)CH SVCH Eiarö Vasaloppa S52553/95   F:I
DKU(G)CH INTUCHNissebanden's Ilmads 
DK22900/90   F:I
INT NORD SF U(G)CH SF S J(G) Eiarö Tosca
S10610/93   F:I
Emma Viltfarget Øyelyst fri 12.09.07
Billy  18889/97   F:I Viltfarget

Tobben17911/95   H:C F:IViltfarget

Ajaro's Kira 14359/94  F:IViltfarget
Lundegrinden's Tanja 12663/99   F:I
Gra vabekken's Dino 23380/95   F:I Viltfarget

Dalasnippens Lady27101/92   F:I Viltfarget

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