"Ragos" is born in 1995 and was trained for the trotting course as "a youngster".
He had a career as a trotting horse for 7 years,
He won 4 races, and earned about 105.000.- nok for his previous owner.
In 2004 he was retired, and we were lucky to give him a "forever home" :-)
Ragos has a very strong personality, and he has his own ideas about what he likes to do, and how he likes to do it :-) Not the "mainstream kind of guy" :-)
He has a heart of gold, and is a great friend. He is playful, and a" great listener" when you need someone to talk to when out walking (we go for long walks together), or go for a ride.
He is social, and enjoys company - doesn't matter if it's by two or four-legged induviduals, as long as he is the centre of attention.
Ragos is very lucky to have several "keepers" -
Marit, Eva. Tor, Tone, and Susan are ”the team" that makes sure that he is well taken care of on a daily basis. He really enjoys life, and we enjoy sharing it with him :-)
Ringo SuperboyN-87-560114,8- 13,0a Laddie Blue Chip (US)US-1939 W16,9- 15,9a Super Bowl (US)US-8540 I Star's Pride (US)US-80141
Pillow Talk (US)US-2407 B
Lassie Blue Chip (US)US-5067 P Speedy Scot (US)US-108446
Lady Jamie (US)US-1676 C
IsorioN-78-509018,9- 17,5a Prince Royal02803517,8- 17,5a Jasmino Royal (FR)2630317,7
Princess Royal02333424,2
Beauty Song028137 Puck Song (SE)S-624617,8
Going Home (US)US-FF 30119,0- 16,3a Homesick (US)US-232 NW Speedy Crown (US)US-9498 H Speedy Scot (US)US-108446
Missile Toe (US)US-6076 B
Keystone Barb (US)US-8225 L Hickory Pride (US)US-98581
Bright Valour (US)US3546
Sonita Hanover (US)US-2904 X Hickory Smoke (US)US-93696 Titan Hanover (US)US-75476
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Spritene Hanover (US)US-6156 J Star's Pride (US)US-80141
Sprite Rodney (US)US-05170
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